Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Unfortunate death of two youth in Nawgam, J & K

Two youth have been killed on a army checkpoint yesterday. Unnecessary loss of life is unfortunate. Why should the young lives be wasted.

However, in the furore over their death a very important point is being missed (provided they did not stop at the check Point despite warning to do so is correct). That point is why did they not stop when asked to do so. Was it youthful exuberance which made them to test the seriousness (like we used to do when we,  as children, stole fruits from fruit garden knowing fully well that the Chowkdat will catch us anytime). Or was it misplaced bravado. It could well be that they did not understand the instructions to stop and continued.

But think from the Security Forces point of view. All over the world Security Forces personnel have lost their lives on countless Road blocks. It happens like this.

Checkpoint personal see a car approaching. They warn it to stop. The car does not and nor does it slow down. Personal fire warning shots (may not be all times),  the car continues. They fire on car tyres. The car stops. When the car is surrounded for checking,  the occupants explode the car resulting in death of all security personnel and destruction of the check post.

It has happened in Iraq,  Afghanistan and even in Pakistan. Has that happened in Kashmir, may be,  I don't have specific details.

Our sympathy is with the family members of these boys. But did our soldiers,  already doing a tough job, have any other option when the car did not stop or slowdown? In the hindsight we may think of many but in reality they,  At that moment,  possibly had none. 


  1. So True. If some explosion had taken place, then still Army would have been blamed. Whatever happens the Army is still held responsible. The boys doing their duty have no clear cut orders from the higher ups. They do not fire for pleasure. they are just doing their duty.

  2. The youth must realise the prevailing security environment and the implications of misplaced exhuberance, it is not eve teasing.