Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hello from Meghalaya and Assam Installment IV

Fourth day

Morning brought us more cheer. The view and surrounding of Orchid resort was beautiful and invigorating. The sun that rose very early was adding to the beauty of the place. They had small but well maintained lawns and garden. We enjoyed the morning and then had breakfast. Post breaking after finishing the packing we visited the lake yet again to see it in its morning mood. That was also fun. The photographs for morning session have been already posted in Day III blog.

After this visit, it was picking up luggage and leave for Shillong which took just an hour or less (it was a Sunday else this 20 km hill road can take up to 2 hrs or more because of narrow main roads of Shillong and office traffic).

 The city looked clean and peaceful (again Sunday effect). We visited the Shillong peak (highest point in Shillong) which is inside an Air force station but they allow common people to visit on production of valid ID like Aadhar. View from Shillong peak which covers whole of Shillong was fantastic. Also one can wear Khasi (local tribe) dress and take photographs here (and in many other places in Meghalaya).

View of Shillong Valley from Shillong Peak

Our next destination was Elephant Fall (so named because once upon a time there was an elephant head shaped rock there which got destroyed during an earthquake. It is a cascading water fall with Three stages (going down stairs) of viewing point. The view from first and third point is  good. We enjoyed the water cascade for some time and climbed up to the main road.

One part of the fall

Fall Viewing Point under stage 3

On the way to Stage 3

At small garden in the way to the Falls

After this visit we went to Cathedral in shillong. This is part of a big Christian set up including a school, orphanage, hostels, etc. It is a well constructed structure which is not a historical one. By the time we did this visit, sun was going down. We then went to my departmental guest house and checked in there. Rest was normal evening there.

Despite best efforts I could not find many photos though we had taken many) hence only few photos. Will try and add some more.

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  1. The Datars give us intense travel goals! :) Love that you all travel to and explore so many amazing places. Hatsoff!