Saturday, December 13, 2014

Power of One More Attempt

Yesterday when my son tried to start our car,  an Indigo LS Diesel car,  it did not start. The 'Check Engine Lamp' continued to glow a long after the engine some how was started. The car could not be used by him.

So I had a job today morning, to get the car problem resolved.

First option was to either call a local mechanic or phone Tata's on road assistance. Second option was,  what is my most favourite option,  give yet another try to something that is not budging.

Invariably, whenever  I have faced such as situation in personal life and professional one,  I have used this option. The statistics
is, 60% of times it gave me positive results.

In the case of my car too,  I  exercised option two, try yet again. Knowing that it is Peak winter in Delhi,  I choose to use engine heating coil about 4 times (switch on ignition, let engine heating coil lamp burn it's course and go off,  switch off ignition  and repeat the process 4 times).

After that when I gave a start,  the car started smoothly. Great trouble averted,  car available for use and no money had to be paid to mechanic.

The readers must have faced similar situations .Did they give one more try before calling help for repair? Even otherwise in life,  when we try to do some thing and don't succeed, most give up but I give atleast one more try. I am sure many of you also do it but if not,  try doing it. 60% success rate is really a good motivator to adopt this technique.

Next time try doing it, अच्छा लगता है.

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