Saturday, April 30, 2016

We are a Nation of Zero Accountability

We are a nation of totally callous people with no accountability. Every passing day it becomes even more and more evident.

In every state, young vulnerable children of very small age (and thus size) fall in the tube wells that were sunk but did not yield water. It has become a routine affair in this nation without touching any one's conscious. To rescue that child, a race against time starts with locals, police, fire brigade, NDRF and finally Army rush in. Some times the fate wins and the efforts fail. Some other times the fate wills better and the efforts succeed with the child rescued safe and sound.

Isn't it a very common story? but then what happens to that firm or individuals, who, in the first place, left a dead bore well uncapped / unfilled in callous manner. I don't remember reading / hearing anything about who left the bore well uncapped and what was done to them.

On another front, manholes covers regularly are removed and not replaced. sometimes they are stolen but new one are not put back. In city like Mumbai which sees a deluge of water on its streets resulting in massive flooding almost every alternate year, people fall in open manhole and die. I have never heard of a municipal officer or worker responsible for leaving a manhole open, who has lost his job or faced any punishment.

As soon as a road is laid, there is a race among departments of state government / Local body as to who will dig this newly laid road first. All departments, water supply, electricity and what not, immediately after road laying, start digging it on some or the other pretext. May be they did not anticipate just a week ago, prior to laying the road that they need to lay something under the road or across it. I grant it to them.

What is not understood is, after digging, why that digged hole or patch remains unrepaired for moths or years together. I am sure, when the digging contract is given, repair of digged patch is also covered in the cost of the contract. Why is then either the contractor or the govt official supervising the job not penalised. In fact the officials should have, in the first place, been penalised for not anticipating the work prior to road laying.

For years, railway passengers have been falling between the train and the platform because for some inexplicable reason, the gap between the train and the platform is excessive. None of the railwaymen seem to be answerable. May be, they think, merely providing train for commute is a great favour done by them to the nation. In Mumbai Suburban section of both WR and CR, if I remember correctly, the gaps between train and the platforms have been corrected only after Mumbai HC orders. Where is this accountability, which has been long dead, buried, I have no clue.

People die regularly in this nation. Some of them die due to callous attitude shown by those responsible to act. Loss of life is just accepted as fate and the person who should have acted to keep roads, streets, footpath, digged hole, bore wells and Railwasy safe merely shrugs it away and goes on to keep doing similar things ensuring that people meet the Yamraj ahead of their time. Accountability? Do not fear it, it is merely a word in English dictionary as far as this nation is concerned. We are indeed a nation of zero accountability.

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