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Kashmir Trip - Day 8 of 9 days trip

Day 8 - 16 Apr 16

This day was a day of uncertainty about when would we be able to depart for Srinagar. It could be at 0600 in the morning to use general lethargy of morning time, time of breakfast and prayers after which the Bandh Enforcers would become active or some time later in the day (When?). This situation forced few of us to get up well in time (by 0545) to keep in touch with our Drivers while rest maintained their sleep till they were to be told to get up.

As soon as some of us got up and spoke to drivers, it became evident that the move in the morning is unlikely till situation enroute becomes clear. We did not know (as the drivers too were clue less) when the move would take place. Only one thing was clear, whenever that happens, it would be at a very short notice.

We therefore had lot of time in hand but we had to remain in baggage fully packed condition either in the hotel or in the vicinity.

With this paradigm set for us, we woke up other at a comfortable time. Had a family tea time (where on the earth one gets such opportunity in the busy life these days) at leisure and then had unhurried morning in the hand to get ready at each ones own pace (yet another luxury).

AT about 1000 we decided to head for our breakfast to Dana Pani. The place was full. Then we decided to stroll in Pahalgam market for a short distance. We saw Cafe Log Inn  right next to Dana Pani. This cafe belonged to Pahalgam Hotel, a neighbor of Hotel Mount View. Initial thought was not very conducive. After a small stroll in the market the youngistan of the group got curious and pulled the senior lot also to Log Inn.
Decore of Log Inn

The Counter full of goodies

Messages from Travellers Around the World

Kashmir through Lens

Leasure Time

Log inn is a cafe. Their specialty is cakes and other bakery products. They also serve Pizza. At this point it is important to mention that Pahalgam is famous for Trout fishing and Log Inn serves one of the best Trout in the town. We had some Pizza and pastries and made a beeline for Dana Pani for Breakfast but not before my daughter and son ordering a Trout Dish.

Famous Dani Pani - Would not disappoint you

Dana Pani Breakfast was good. After breakfast we went out to market and our children went off to Log Inn for their date with Trout.

Trout with Lemon Sauce
It was close to 1130. Even before children could finish Trout and we could look at shops our Drivers called up to tell us that route from Bijbehara / apple valley side has opened and we should leave by 1200.

We were anyway waiting for this news. Soon we returned to Hotel,loaded our luggage into cars and departed for Srinagar by 1215 reaching there by 1600 hrs.

Our trip had come to a virtual end though we had few morning hours of 17 Apr to spend. We spent the evening strolling the Promenade of Dal lake and also last minute visit to few shops. After Dinner it was packing time and sleep. .

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