Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hello from Meghalaya and Assam Day VIII

Day Eight

This part of the blog is devoid of photos as Photography is not allowed in the museum and rest of the day was pure road travel

Originally we were scheduled to leave early from Shillong to Kaziranga but Don Bosco museum that was closed was yet to be visited. It was thus programmed for a early visit today. Leaving after breakfast we reached Don Bosco Museum at 0930 hrs. 

It is museum run by a Christian organization hence there is religious tone to some of the galleries but that not withstanding this seven story multi gallery is a virtual window to culture of all the states of North East India. May it be costumes, houses, etc, this place is rich in its displays and information. 

We found it better to visit two floors that are below ground level and then take a lift to top floor, visit their sky walk and come down the stairs through various galleries on various floors to ground floor. Apart from well displayed galleries, this place also stands out for excellent amenities like toilets, a café, etc. It is worth noting for benefit of elderly people, all the floors are serviced by the Lift. Taking a leisurely trip in the museum we departed by 1130 hours for Kaziranga. 

Covering  the distance at a good speed on good roads we reached Jorbat, a T junction joining Shillong road to Guwahati – Jorhat road. This was about 1400 hrs, time for lunch. There are series of Dhabaa on the road side and we also had lunch on one of these dhabas. 

Post lunch it was straight to Bonhabi Resort at Kaziranga. Our trip to Don Bosco museum at Shillong had delayed our movement to Kaziranga. Remember the fact that in the NE India the sun sets very fast hence it was dark before we reached Bonhabi. In fact the resort called up our driver to find out why the delay?

Having reached the resort by about 1830 and after a cup of tea we surveyed the place and liked it. Local representative of our travel company confirmed our Elephant and Jeep Safari for the next day morning by about 1930 hrs. After that only thing left for us was to have our dinner and sleep because our Elephant safari was booked at 0630 hrs (first safari being at 0530 hrs and there are only three Elephant safaris in the morning with none in the after noon.

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