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Kashmir 9 days Trip - Enjoyment report day 3

Day 3- Charar - e - Sharif and Yusmarg

11 Apr 16

It was a day that made us worried. It was raining since morning and by the time we finished the breakfast and got ready to go on our day trip, the rain became heavy. It got us worried but we behaved like brave soldiers and decided to press on as per plan.

The plan was to visit Charar E Sharif and then to proceed to Yusmarg. Yusmarg is a place where Lord Jesus is said to have lived post he was crucification and resurrection when he has supposed to have travelled to Kashmir.

Charar E SHarif is a very revered place, a dargah (final resting place) of Sheikh Nooruddin Noorani, a sufi saint who is known as Sheikh ul Alam and Sahazanamd (to hindus) and is also called Nund Rishi (interesting). Surprisingly, there is a whole series of Rishi order of sufi saints in Kashmir (remember, Hindu hermits are known as Rishis). In fact a Shaiviate Yogani and a Sufi Lal Ded had maximum influence on Nund Rishi.

We loaded the cars with necessary things like umbrellas, etc and left by about 1000. as mentioned earlier, it was  pouring but we had to take chances. As we left Srinagar and pressed on after about 30 minutes the rain left us alone. enjoying the scenery soon we were going through climbs and troughs over various hills and then the town of Charar E Sharif was in sight. Passing through the town we reached the Mazar proper in the centre of the town by about 1115. Here it was majestic and beautiful. It was not Grand to say but it made up for that for the peace and serenity that one felt looking at it.

Charar E Sharif, The Dargah
 We walked into the compound and then split in to two parts in honur of the tradition there. Men have a different entrance and women have another entrance. While men go up to (and not inside) the inner sanctrium women also can take Darshan of the Mazar but from behind another Kashmiri Woodwork Jali.

After paying our respect we took inside round of the building including a deck floor inside, The Khidmatgar in the complex gave us tabrukh (similar to Prasad).

Mazar Block Photographed from the Deck inside

Inside the Dargah, Mazar block is seen straight ahead

After visiting the mazar we toured the complex which has a under construction (or may be under renovation or upgrade) Mosque, which seem to be grander compared to the mazar itself. Also some people utilised restroom (fancy word for local toilets) available as one exits the mazar complex from its gate on the left behind corner.
In the Compound

This Mazar was originally a wooden structure of Kashmiri style which got gutted in a fire fight between terrorist and security forces during a hole up by militants in the Dargah.

Once outside the complex we got talking to locals who were very proud of being from this place. they told us about celebrations that take place once in a year (may be Urs). we also talked to shopkeepers selling Sweetmeat and savoury of local liking and there were many things. However for sweet, it was suji halva (they call it Sheera as we too call it that way in Marathi) to be eaten with some kind of Rumali roti size fried roti.

kangari is always welcome in Kashmir - In the Charar E Sharif Market

After a cup of tea we started off for Yusmarg by about 1215 and reached there by 1300 hrs. The sky was overcast but there was no rain. As soon as the car was parked and we came out, the sheer beauti of this place with rolling meadows and hills full of conifers surrounding them was evident. It was our second moment of WoW.

All of us said the same thing - WOW

Beautiful Local Mosque, Right Next to Parking Lot

Rolling Meadows - I

Look at The Sheer Beauty
The children decided to head off to a lake about four Km away on foot (and horsemen were after them to take horses) and we decided to take a stroll towards Meadows (in difference to my mother of 80 years age who felt she can not take horse ride.

All Smile

Attempting Horse ride - Only for Photo purpose

When the Heart is Happy - It shows on your Face

Even this simple two km walk in the meadows itself was enjoyable. the pathway leading to meadow though was part broken part slushy and muddy. This pathway also leads to major treks of yusmarg.

Sorry State of the Pathway - May be rain is to be blamed but we braved it

Post this trip, it was tea time followed by wait for children to return. We had lunch thereafter and returned to Srinagar by about 1700 hrs while rain clouds were gathering at Yusmarg. It was fun to be at Yusmarg.
Barkha Rani Jara Jam Ke Barso

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