Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kashmir 9 days Trip - Enjoyment Report - Day 2

Day Two - Sonamarg

10 Apr 16

Sonamarg is a snow bound area where one is likely to find snow at lesser distance from the road, even during summer, unlike Gulmarg where it may not be so at that time. Literally translating it means Meadow of Gold, possibly because the slope and the area being snowbound through the year the reflection of sun rays must be making the snow mass look golden (and it is my guess without any backing of wikipedia, etc).

This place is about 80 odd Km from Srinagar. Our journey started post Breakfast at about 0945. After crossing Srinagar city we were on Srinagar Leh highway. The drive was very scenic takings us through villages full of Mustard fields. There were also some fields which had some other crop and they looked lush green. The mosaic of Yellow riot of Mustard fields and green carpet of other fields created a very distinct and attractive pattern.

It was difficult to resist the call of the Mustard fields and that made us stop, for what else but photo ops. The result is for you to see.
Green and yellow fields along the Road

Always by my side (And I love it)

Competing Two Beauties in one Frame

Family Time

Our journey continued and soon the River Sind or Sindh ( I am told it is not river Sindhu of Indus valley fame but a tributary of Jehlam) or Nullah Sind (as some times it is called) started giving us company. Sind river, with its melodious flowing sound follows the highway to Leh over a long distance. Technically, Sonamarg is also on the bank of Sind. We found a beautiful spot on the road along sind and stopped the vehicle. Went down to the river, enjoyed its fresh, sweet and chilled water and captured its beauty. I want my blog readers to also enjoy the beauty.

Lone man on the bank of river

River gives the Josh for Victory (sign)
Musically (and Rapidly) Flows the Sind

After a small break on the banks of refreshing Sind, we joined back Leh highway for Sonamarg. Soon we were thereby about 1245  and also the Snow was all around to welcome us.

First Glimpse of Snow
The Parking lot along the snow
Soon enough, we borrowed Gum Boots and set off to conquer the snow hill. Only time would tell if we conquered the hill or the hill overwhelmed us.

United We Stand (on the Gum Boots)
Having geared up (with only gum boots as we did not take coats and thus ended up getting our jeans / Trousers wet on snow) we started our ascend on to the snow capped hill (leading to a glacier). It is possible to go to Glacier by foot, by sledge and also by local taxi (the vehicle that one uses to come from Srinagar can not be used locally). We opted for foot (children), Sledge (others) and only return by Sledge from Glacier. It is tough for the Sledge man to haul it up slow. It is easy to comedown slope using sledge and gravity. here are some more pics.

Kitana Snow hai re Baba! 

Midget Snow Man 

 In Conquering Mood

Yeh Hasin Wadiyan

Beautiful Hills 
 Clouds gathering over the Hills
 Hills Almost covered under clouds

We all enjoyed our tryst with Snow for over 3.5 hours and just did not realise how the time flew. By that time we all were hungry and soon found ourselves enjoying lunch at Sonamarg Glacier Hotel. The hotel also has good restrooms, a vital necessity after visiting snow.

After refreshing ourselves with food and hot tea (as the wind chill had increased) we ventured out on the main road and after a group Photo of the family group, left Sonamarg for Srinagar by about 1700 hrs. 

The Family with the backdrop of snow
(see, all age groups can enjoy, go for it)

What a fun filled day it was. Returning to Blooming Dale hotel it was yet again hospitatility time with tea and cookies. A small trip to market was done. we all ended our day soon afetr the dinner.


  1. Lovely Harshad. It reminds me of my three tenures in that lovely place. Cheers

    1. Thanks, Coming from a experienced hand of Kashmir it is very encouraging.