Thursday, May 12, 2016

Marathi Drama - Don Special (दोन स्पेशल)

This is very new two act marathi play being enacted in various theaters in Maharashtra. The director of this play is Kshitaj Patwardhan and the main cast is Jitendra Joshi and Girija Oak Godbole. Well,  there are If I remember correctly three or 4 more actors in very small rolls, with one of them having significant impact in the story but the drama rides on the able shoulders of Jitendra Joshi and Girija Oak.

Add to that a very common looking set of a office which is modified twice, slightly, to make that part of the set look like a different location. Add further a story set about 30 years ago, of two co-workers turned lovers who meet after ten years of separation in strange circumstances. both have a specific but counter objective, one by way of his profession and the other by way of her job. While trying to stick to their position and morality their lost 10 years unfold between them and the misgivings get settled as the drama flows on stage.

Did the specific objectives that they had (and that ran counter to the other's objective) get fulfilled? If yes how did that happen (counter objectives getting fulfilled!) and if not what happened to the end of the drama. It is a good mystic question.

To get the answer to the question, I would request the readers to go and watch the drama.

As for the quality, see for yourself, both the main protagonists delivering long winding, emotional dialogues flawlessly and to the perfection. Both are accomplished actors and they prove it yet again. Their acting makes this drama watchable irrespective of the story which is good anyway. It is also very soothing to hear Girija Oak's beautiful voice which adds beauty to the drama.

The story is good but lags at some places. The acting by both lead actors and Rohit Haldenkar (acted as Umesh Bhosale, a very small but impactful roll) is powerful, emotional and likable. My recommendation - GO FOR IT.


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  2. Don Special

    It’s a play based on Marathi story by H M Marathe and produced by NCPA . The 25th March show in Tata theatre at NCPA Mumbai with its superb semicircular stage surrounded by audience on chairs radiating upwardly added to the sheer joy of watching a wonderful play . The drama unfolds in a newspaper Sub Editor’s office on a chilly night .The Sub Editor and his ex sweet heart meet that night in their professional capacities The work ethics on one hand and compelling feelings for past love is the dilemma before the Sub Editor .The plot deals with the intricacies of man and women relationship on the backdrop of family and society at large .
    Man is always caught between circumstances of time and place . How does an individual respond to it ? The play unfolds this dilemma succinctly. The lead actor Jeetendra Joshi was at his best and was competently supported by Girija Oak Godbole .Rohit Haldikar in the role of rookie reporter with naive idealism was affable . A must watch for all those in search of good play . Tata theatre also provided subtitles in English on side backdrops of the stage for those not understanding Marathi.
    A few suggestions for the producer as there is no advisory against smoking and drinking scenes . This goes against the statutory orders . Also a suggestion for viewers to switch off / keep their cellphones on silent mode during the play . In this particular play there was visible disturbances faced by the actors because of incessant cellphone rings .