Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pink - The Bright Flag of Women's Fight for Dignity

Pink, the movie is different. In this nation obsessed with Male driven notions of what is right and what is wrong , for Women in their family and also in the society, this movie is a whiff of Fresh Air. a new paradigm. 

It may be so that some of us may have  our own standards of morality, generally for women and not so much for men but that does not give us a right that any one, women particularly, who do not conform to our standards (mind you, they are our standards and not theirs) are either fallen or out of virtues.

If we think so, it is us who need psychiatric consultation, not them. This is also true that some one not meeting our standards are Not, repeat NOT free for all. This is the core message of the movie. If it is No from a girl or a woman, accept No as the answer and not anything else. No means only that, No.

The plot is well crafted. The storyline is well balanced and crisp. The acting is outstanding. The King of Acting, Amitabh Bachchan is grand but also credit to these three girls, Tapasee pannu, Kirti Kulahari and Andrea Tariang who have acted equally bright. It is not a easy task to act when Doyen of Indian CInema Acting, Mahanayak is acting alongside you.

The plot of this movie is something that can happen in the cow belt of India including major cities of cow belt (not to say it can not happen in rest of India, just that probability is marginally low). there is nothing unusual in such a story line.

 What makes Pink stand out is the courtroom action where Mr Sehgal (you know who) demolishes prosecution's case against these three girls (and one is convinced even before the case that it has to be fabricated one) and the fortitude with which these girls fight back supporting each other, overcoming the fear of spoiling their name in the society. The courage of these three girls, their faith in Adv. Sehgal and his belief that he is on the side of right carries the day and turns the table on accusers.

The movie should be watched by all, It is not a must watch movie for those men (and boys) who accept No as a No, it is a "can watch" movie.

For all other men and boys, their is (this extremely good)  movie, PINK.

Go and watch it.

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