Tuesday, March 14, 2017

History Under Your Feet - a single source about many people and events of Indian History

The heritage that India has has been discredited or neglected by British educated and / or Marxist historians. Very rarely we were and our younger generation is told about the glorious tradition of our nation.

We were colonised by Mughals and British and a image is created in the history narrative and books that we Indians just gulped being a second class citizen in our own country. This is actually very far from truth. In every era we had heros who fought for the freedom of our beloved motherland.

I enjoy peeping into India history, its heroes (and villains), monuments, fort and battles. whenever and wherever I get something to read about India and its past I feel compelled to read. In that context I came across a blog of Ratnakar Sadasyula who seems to have one and only one mission - to cover as much he can of past glorious history of India.

What a veritable  treasure trove it turned out to be. Every time I visit this blog, I just can't stop reading. So many things to read, Shivaji, Nana Fadanavis, Ahilyabai Holkar, Ram Prasad Bismil, Savarkar and the list goes on. More you read more hunger develops.

Is the writeup supported by citation from various records? Baring few quotes, no citation is provided but the writer also does not claim any where in his blog to be absolutely accurate. However, whatever little I know of the historical figures of India, his blog posts narratives appear to me, very close to reality.

Do visit his blog to see for yourself. Also do pass on this information to you friends, family and particularly younger people who know very less of Indian history and more of European, British or American history (not their fault, it is fault of these lest leaning text book writers who intentionally kept our text book that way).
His blog can be reached at -https://historyunderyourfeet.wordpress.com

Do read the blog and enrich the  information of Indian history that you already have.

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