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Essential Andaman in 8 night / 9 days - Detailed Travelogue - Day III

Day 3 - 19th Jan

It was a day of transfer to Havelock Island through Boat Journey from Port Blair.  We were booked on private ferry called Green Ocean. The ferry was scheduled to Depart the Marine Jetty at 0645. We got ready, checked out and reached the Jetty at 0600 (realized later that we were expected to report one and half hour prior to departure). First we had to stand in security clearance queue and later in the check in queue (reverse of the sequence at Airport routine). Finally we made it to the boat at 0640, just in time.
Posing opposite Green Ocean  Boat

The boat left for Havelock island at 0645, on time. It is a one and half hour journey. Green Ocean is a Air conditioned boat. There is a deck also which is open to air and thus not air conditioned. Initially, till the safety briefing is done (about 30 min in the journey), no one was allowed to go to upper deck. Once the briefing was over, people were allowed to go to upper deck which had a small counter selling eatables and tea, etc.
In the Boat
While the boat was reasonably stable there were few people who were feeling motion sickness (called sea sickness by mariners). Those people were first ones to rush on upper deck. It was a good feeling for all of us to be on upper deck and enjoy sea breeze on our face. After spending some time and having a cup of tea, we returned to the below deck air conditioned space, however, our friends continued on upper deck.

After about an hour in the journey we were surprised to hear some music. Music in the middle of the ocean? Upon trying to find out, we realized that upper deck has been cleared in some areas and a DJ is playing songs. People were dancing to the tunes of those songs. Surprise, surprise, those who were supposedly sea sick for most of the journey also were dancing away.

Dance Floor

The fun dance came to an end about 10 minutes short of our reaching Havelock. Upper deck was cleared and people were sent down so that crew could prepare the boat for going alongside the Havelock jetty.

Once the boat was alongside, we came out of jetty and looked for our local tour organizer. Once he was located he gave us a vehicle to go to our place of stay, TSG Resort on Radha Nagari Beach road and also told us our programme.

After a short road trip we reached the resort. The first feeling was, this is the place to stay. Right from the reception to cabins, everything was in wood finish. Two bed room cottages were not big were good and functional. After settling down and relaxing for some time we had lunch.
Corridor of cabins
TSG Blue Havelock Accommodation
Grand Trees

Beautiful Garden

restaurant at TSG

I had a swim in the swimming pool in the afternoon and at about 4 pm we walked to Radha Nagari beach which was a small walk of about 20 min. Radha Nagari Beach is famous for its sun set similarly, every place in Andamans has a beach for sun rise and a beach for sun set). It is a long stretch of pristine white sand with some sitting areas and also change rooms and bathrooms for people to use post a dip in the ocean.
Swimming pool
After lounging into the sea for considerable time and doing lot of “masti” in the water and playing with waves we came out and waited for sunset. Sun was going down at its own pace and then a villain landed up between us and the setting sun, a thick and big cloud. The fun of watching setting sun was killed by that cloud and we had to just gulp it. Who can win against the nature.

Approach to Radha Nagari Beach
Young Couple at Radha Nagari Beach

Enjoying the Surf
Promising to make yet another trip tomorrow to Radha Nagari beach, we had our bath and returned to resort. By that time it was already dark. We had a good cup of tea, rested yet again (what else is the objective of holidays) and then went to the restaurant.

Day ended for us after dinner and a stroll post dinner.

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