Saturday, May 20, 2017

Essential Andaman in 8 night / 9 days - Detailed Travelogue - Day V

The visit to Havelock island was to end today. Today we were to take boat for Neil island, one of the smaller and relatively less visited place in Andamans.

We however had an important place on havelock that was still due for visiting.
After a leisurely breakfast at TSG Blue resort and doing lots of photography in the premise of TSG, we left for Kalapathar beach for a visit. This beach is the farthest beach on Sh 5 (only other road on Havelock that goes to Govind Nagar Beach is SH 4).

TSG Poolside
It is third popular beach among Radha Nagar, Elephant and Kala Pathar. Does that mean this beach is less beautiful? Actually, being third popular may give one such a feeling but it is not true. It is a beautiful beach with torquoise blue water, just that it seems to have rocky base to the sandy beach and lots of broken coral in the sand and thus the name looks like "Kala Pathar", Let Pictures speak in support of Kala Patthar Beach.

Breathless Beauty 

Emerald green 

Shadow play

See "Kala Patthars" on the beach

Tiny Marine Life, in safe hands

Me and my Soulmate
 It was a hot and sunny afternoon but beach was breezy and enjoyable. Even this beach is not recommended to venture into the sea but being on the beach by itself was fun. Also, along the beach there were trees offering shade and a small forest like area where there were sit outs made. After spending some time on beach we moved to forest part of the beach and had fun there too (what with our number one priority that is to Have Fun, we were certain to have fun where ever we went). We also photographed the fabulous sea and even better us (pun intended) in large measures.

Thick Jungle

Monkey is Jealous of my Monkey Pose

Relaxing Time

Shelter in the Forest to take rest
It was actually lunch time by the time we finished our Kala Pathar visit but having had very heavy breakfast we choose to just hydrate ourselves  with coconut water (The Andamans coconut is bigger than what we get in Mumbai and has much more water in it).

It was time to go to Jetty to catch our Makruzz boat (Name of Shipping company). Boat was already on the jetty but there was still some time for boarding. We utilized it to just see around the jetty. at about 1400 we boarded the boat and got seats right next to the snack bar that they have below deck. Soon we departed for Neil Island by boat and reached there by 1545. 

After checking in at the Hotel (Tango Beach Resort) and having a cup of tea we had to rush to laxmanput II beach through sandy and sometimes slushy (where water existed) beach side which connects Laxmanpur II beach to the hotel. Since both sunrise and sunset are early in Andamans, we had to really walk fast to make it on time to Laxmanpur II to not to miss the sunset. Walking on sand is tough and walking fast on sand is too tough. My wife who has back problem is still battling the increased back pain three months after the visit. Wish we had skipped our cup of tea and left early for Laxmanpur II beach at a less hectic pace. We made it to the beach well before sunset.

Laxmanpur II is not a big beach. The water is not safe to venture into the sea as the gradient in to the sea is rapid. However, since this beach is the west of the beach, this is the place to view the sunset. There were sizeable number of people on the beach (by Andaman standards). Slowly the sun started setting and we started clicking. It was a memorable sunset in which some clouds tried to mar it but did not succeed in spoiling the fun. I even tried to capture the sun in our figures (and did not succeed as I do not know the trick).

Walking Fast to reach Laxmanpur II beach

Still Blazing 

Glorious Golden

Did I catch the Sun in my Figures?

Sun under Cloud Canopy 

Should I say Good Bye!

Almost setting

Sun and a Ship

Setting Sun is a Promise of a new Tomorrow

See you Soon

After the sunset we were not ready to take the beach route again and hence stuck to Tar road and walked back to the resort. Being tired, the distance appeared to be too much (not in reality). After returning to resort the usual food and sleep followed.

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