Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hello from Meghalaya and Assam Day IX

Day Nine 

This is our last day on this trip. So far the trip has been very enjoyable. Today is our turn to witness the magical grasslands of Kaziranga. Getting up in the morning we got ready for our 0630 Elephant Safari. Our jeep picked us up from our resort, Bonhabi to Western Range (If I remember correctly, we were told Elephant safari for Foreigners is done at central range and for locals it is at western region). 

After entering the range we reached parking area and were given our elephant ride passes. From this point we all (and so were others) had to walk some distance to Elephant Boarding area where a platform with two side discharge is erected.

Elephant Loading for safari is done depending on elephant size and also size of passengers to ensure uniform loading on the elephant for balance purpose. Forest dept officials call the people for loading. Once the loading is done, the elephants depart for an over an hour long safari of the allocated area.
While the area that elephant covers at his speed may look small (compared to, obviously, Jeep Safari) first of all it is still quite big and secondly the area is flat so we thought we will see good wildlife. Right after just 10 minutes we had closer view of Rhino. In this safari, though we had good fun in elephant ride as for animals we did not much but many Rhinos and one odd Wild Buffalo at a distance.
Rhino, First ever sighting

Many Moods of A Rhino


Riding on a Royal Ride

Duel Benefit, Cross the water body & Elephant has his drink

Prefect Image (in the Water)

All of us Excited

Moving through Grassland
Magical Skyline

After making the full trip we returned to boarding point, alighted and returned to Bonhabi for breakfast. Post breakfast and quick freshening up we went for Jeep Safari to Central Range. Jeep Safari stared off without much sighting except sporadic sighting of a Rhino or a Elephant at a distance. 

We roamed many areas but there was little luck. With our enthusiastic driver going deeper time was just flying. At the end we decided to call it a day and started our return trip. In fact we realized that most safari jeeps have left long ago. Here our luck turned for better. All the animals frightened by large number of jeeps found it easy to be outside in open and our viewing became better. To experience it yourself, see the pictures.

Starting the Jeep Safari

The Wrestlers 

Mother & the Calf

One More

A deer In the Wild, 

Hiding in a Bush

Who is There

On the Watch Duty

Let us Race

Soaring High


Jungle Grandeur 

Let me Eat

Balancing on a Twig

Mutual Relations

Looking into the Jungle - Watch Tower

Well Poised (I wish I could recognise the Birds)

Drying Time

Wooden Bridge

All Alone

One More

I am not Charging, just having my fill

Blowing Trumpet

I need Make Up

Small Tortoise - Follow the Leader

Sun Bathing

Close up

Tortoise Parliament

Wild Boars 

Black Stork? (my guess)

"Bak Dhyanam", Meditation 

Where are the Fish Gone

In the Wild

Bisons, Look at the Span of the Horns

perfect Symmetry 

Surprise Appearence 

Post this trip we returned to Bonhabi resort, had lunch and relaxed for some time. In the evening We went to National Orchid and Bio Diversity Park which is home to many Orchids, other flora and fauna of that area and also the local life style. Never knew that such large number of orchids existed in that area (well not all were native to that area but most were).

The park has many other attractions and also a cultural show showcasing the local songs and dances. They also have stalls selling local food stuff and local products like rice, species, etc.

After enjoying the visit and cultural show we returned and post dinner we retired to bed. 

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