Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Catching the Drug Smugglers at Sea, Kudos to Coast Guard

In the constant battle of suprimacy between the protectors and the wrong doers that goes on at sea, some times the protectors (IN, Coast Guard and State Police) win and some time the bad boys win. Every time the bad boys win, the country suffers economically or may be loss of life or loss of youth (by drug addiction).

General feeling is that for every successful interception by law enforcers at least equal number slip through dragnet of the law, if not more

In this backdrop,it is to the credit of Law enforcers in general and the Coast Guard in particular that they have achieved two interceptions in quick successions. It shows that their operations have achieved some bit of maturity and it may also indicate much better co-ordination among themselves and with the intelligence people.

It also answers the critics of previous operation against terrorists,  who called those terrorist 'mere smugglers' and pretended that the CG has done a sin in killing mere smugglers and destroying their boat. In a blog on that issue I had contended that if they were smugglers they would have surrendered and enjoyed the perks of our British era law and got out on bail.

Very fact that they choose to put fire to their own boat and they sank with it indicated that they were terrorists who were scared that if they are caught they would invite non bailable stringent sections of Indian law. The surrender by these smugglers in this interception makes my stand and  also that of Coast Guard and government vindicated.

The wrong doers have it very easy at sea. The vastness of the sea and the massive number of boats few miles from coast make it simple for them. Just merge in the crowd and getting them becomes difficult. Also managing to patrol such a vast expanse is impossible. Such operations may need much better intelligence and that seem to have been perfected by our agencies (I guess). It seems to be new dawn of understand and co-ordination among our maritime law enforcers.

The doubt-fires and apologists may say whatever they want. That should not deter our people, the IN, the CG and the marine police.Let us wish them luck and many more successful interceptions.