Sunday, May 27, 2018

Three Days in Paris - Self Planned Europe Trip of 24 days - Day 1

Flying from India by Air France, we reached Paris comfortable in the morning 0815 hrs. We were worried about customs and immigration. The worry seemed justified as sooner we reached immigration area,we encountered a single file long line.

The worry was short lived as the single line branched into EUROPE and non EU passport holders and then for both categories there were multiple booths. As for the process? It was breeze.

Coming out, we went to metro (the train is called RER A) station, which is very easy to reach as there is adequate signage to indicate where the metro station is. Around the ticket vending machines, there were people appointed to help out passengers. There is a language selection available on the machine and it accepts payment by card.

After buying tickets for Gare de Nord  (Northen Railway station) taking train and reaching there was an ordinary stuff. Our son was at Gare du Nord station. We took a taxi from there to our B & B. This place was next to Cadet metro station, one can reach anywhere in Paris. After check in, freshening up and "Pet Puja" we set out on our expedition "Mission Paris, Day 1".

It was ubiquitous metro to a place (with one change) very close to Eiffel Tower, the defining landmark of Paris. As we walked out from metro and on Street, the curiosity reached its peak.
After some bit of walking as we came close to the river Seine the long cherished image of Eiffel Tower came alive. Shutter bug in me came alive. Fortunately my Canon DSLR did not complain.

See the series of photos
First Glimps

Proud and Majestic

I am Strong

Perfect Geometry 

I am Curvy 
We had pre-booked tickets for Summit  (top of Eiffel tower). One can climb on foot at much lower cost but 300 m does not present good prospects at my age. We took the left and went up (it was bright and sunny at 1600 but then sunset was at 2030 or beyond  hence visiting at later time was all the same). Bird's eye view of Paris from the summit was mesmerizing. Some of the photos are given below.

Seine River Shimmering in the Sun 

Pont (Bridge) Alexandre III 

Un-identified Palace

Paris Eye

Sacre Coeure

The Army Museum

Palais de Chailot

After the trip to summit, we took a stop on 2nd and 1st floor and finally came down by the lift. Post this visit, we decided to do boat cruise on river Seine.

It was a sunny day, actually a warm day. Sitting on boat top was a good option. It was a one hour cruise which took us under many iconic bridges of Paris like "Love Lock" bridge or Pont Des Arts (seems lovers write their names on a lock, put the lock on some part of railing of the bridge, lock it and throw the key. The belief is, that makes you remain in love), Pont Alexandre III, "Pont de la Concord" etc.

A Statue on a Bridge

Pont Alexandre III

Sculpture in the center of Pont Alexandre III 

Louvre Palace

Musse'd Orsay (Orsay Museum)

Towers of Notre Dame Cathedral

The tour returned from Notre Dame cathedral (which is on an island) after taking a turn around the island. The sights and scenes of Paris along the river bank were fabulous. We enjoyed the trip.

It was along day for us which started at 0600 India time the previous day and it was already 2355 hours the next day with very sketchy sleep in the aircraft. We called it a day after boat cruise,  returned to Cadet metro and slept off after a quick dinner.