Friday, March 27, 2015

Governance is the Victim of the Drama

It was sometime ago when I wrote about my worry about governance by govt in the state of Delhi.

This govt came to power out of aspirations and hopes of those who were disillusioned with the previous ruling party. Those masses were waiting for spectacular things to happen for betterment of their life.

Spectacular things are happening but in different context. Maruti Altos have all converted to Toyota Innovas. Electricity and water bills in limited cases have come down not by adjustment of tariff or stopping the thefts or leakages but by subsidies.

Nothing wrong in it if finances of govt permits it but that is not the case. Govt has cut the development budget allocation to half to create money for subsidy. It has no money to give to municipalities of North Delhi,  south Delhi , etc.

In all, governance is still awaited. What has the common  man got  (parodixically the ruling party is named after this common man) is daily bickering,  stings, claims and counterclaim, blame game and daily soap opera.

Well, while this happens, the common man (and woman) who so enthusiastically brought them to power is dumb stuck. His dreams seem to be going down the drain.

In this daily edition of soap opera (aka drama) the first victim is Governance which is in a ICU waiting for that urgent dose of Oxygen.

There is still hope but it is fading by each passing  day. 

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