Sunday, March 8, 2015

My Recent Road Journey ( 985 km) – Delhi – Bareilly – Ranikhet – Nainital - Delhi

Day Two Bareilly – Ranikhet (213 km)

We intended to start for Ranikhet by 0900. As I started checking my car for the drive, I reaslied that my front left tyre (repaired yesterday) is flat again. I was pressing for fitting the spare tyre and moving on and get this tyre repaired during lunch break. Our friend insisted that we start the journey with all tyres intact. I agree with that view, if repairs are possible, have all your main tyres on the wheels.

Now, the shops don’t open anywhere in that area before 1000 hrs so our plans went through first amendment, departure postponed from 0900 to 1030 hrs. Again the tyre was sent for repairs. It was found that the valve was leaking. The valve was replaced, tyre fitted and the journey started at 1030.

Our friend also recommended not taking Bareilly Nainital road (NH 37) stating that it is in bad state. We therefore took Bareilly - Milak on NH 24 (in reverse direction to what we had come from Delhi) and then took MDR 33 W to Bilaspur where we joined NH 87 (also called AH 2) to Haldwani / Kathgodam.

Stopped at Bilaspur for refueling and tea. NH 87 surface from Bilaspur to Rudrapur was bad. the road improved after that stretch. Stopped at Kathgodam (at Udapiwala) for Lunch at 1445. Restarted at 1515 from Kahtgodam and got on to ghat section.

As we drove further, after Ranibagh, we were confused whether to take route via Bhowali or via Bhimtal (realised later that even this route via Bhimtal has to pass though bhowali, in the hindsight, I think one should go from Kathgodam to Ranikhet via Bhowali, I definitely recommend). We inquired and took route via Bhimtal. The route was ok till bhimtal. Post the Bhimtal lake, most traffic turned right to go through Bhimtal town but Navigator was indicating to go straight via Bhimtal Bypass.

We followed the Navigator (google maps on mobile) and got on to bypass to encounter a steep level difference on the road where the jump was so bad that my Power Steering Pipe ruptured and all the Power Steering Liquid drained out. That resulted in steering power failure and steering become hard (like normal steering). In the middle of nowhere I did not know what to do. It was already late and I had to reach Ranikhet before dark. I decided to drive on with manual steering.

I don’t recommend this bypass to any one atleast till it is incomplete and confusing. It is better to take route that the usual traffic takes, via Bhimtal town. I have also notified Google maps about it. Shown below is the response of Google Maps (see the impact)

Your report near Bhimtal By-pass Road in Bhimtal (28/2/15 8:47 AM)
Google Maps <>
22:09 (38 minutes ago)

to me
Hi Harshad,

Thank you for reporting this problem. We've reviewed your problem and you were right! The default view in Google Maps has already been updated to reflect your suggested change, as shown below.

The bypass is not complete and not straight as shown. One has to take a sharp right and a sharp left to rach Block road T junction where a lef turn is required to head for Bhowali - Ranikhet. If one goes straight instead of sharp right, the joint is poor and road level ahead has a big fall resulting in accident. It also has a dead end.Better not to take the bypass and stick to regular road through the Bhimtal town
Depending on the nature of the problem you reported, it may take some time for the update to appear on other products and services such as driving directions, Google Maps for Mobile, and Google Earth. If you see an issue with the way we fixed your problem, please feel free to send us another note

Thanks for helping us to improve Google Maps!
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You've received this mandatory service announcement email to update you about your editing activities on Google Maps.

Driving without power steering fluid resulted in the pump running dry and getting fully damaged. Lesson learnt, if possible, stop the leakage by repairs, refill the oil and then drive on. Well sometimes it may not be possible, in that case driving on is the only option like I did and then the repair later on would costs Rs 4600 (4000 for Pump, 300 labour, 300 ATF).

Eventually my hand settled on manual steering geometry and we continued our journey through the zig zaging hill road and reached Chaubatia / Ranikhet by 1700 hrs.

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