Sunday, March 8, 2015

My Recent Road Journey ( 985 km) – Delhi – Bareilly – Ranikhet – Nainital - Delhi

Day One – Delhi – Bareilly (259 Km on NH 24 - GT Road)

Some 14 years ago, we had taken a road trip from Delhi to Nainital, Ranikhet and back in our Premier Padmini BE 1987 car. My daughter was in seventh standard and son was in second or third standard. The son, therefore, had no recollection of his trip. Luckily post his graduation he has been home preparing for his further studies. We thought of utilizing this opportunity to refresh his memory and decided to redo this trip.

This was the prime objective of this 985 km (879 km+ local travel) trip by our Indigo LS TDI 2007 car. Plan was for me and my son to drive.

The Journey

Day one was to be utilized to meet a friend at Bareilly and stay with them for a night. We packed carefully for mixed climate and loaded the car and set off at 0800 on 21 Feb. We put navigator app on my mobile and took off through Purana kila road, Bhairon Marg, Akshardham, Gaziabad, Hapur by pass, Gajraula, Moradabad By – pass, Rampur (and not the bypass which is almost ready) and then on to Bareilly through NH 24.

We passed Gaziabad at about 0900 and the stretch was a nightmare (in bright day light) with jam, motorcyclists coming from opposite side (and some times the cars also) travelling in our lane, etc. Soon something will have to be done to de-congest this road. Once we crossed Gaziabad the travel became smooth. We crossed Hapur, Brij Ghat and then stopped at Gajraula for having a brunch at 1100 hrs. After about 45 min stopover, my son started driving. His second time on the highway (first time was on Mumbai Belgaum stretch).

From there on we reached Bareilly at about 1400 via Rampur, Milak. Closure to Bareilly town (as we left Bareilly by pass) and continued on NH 24, somewhere we took a wrong turn and got into Bareilly market. My son had tiring time driving through by lanes of the market wide enough for a car and a cycle Rickshaw to cross (That is a major problem with Navigator Apps that they don’t warn you of a wrong turn nor they recommend a U Turn, they just re-route you through which ever route is available going forward. I have experienced it many times)

Anyway, after all the struggle, we reached our destination at 1530. Rest of the day was spent with friends. As for car, despite coming through very narrow stretch, the car was safe, however, its left front tyre was showing very low pressure ( All my tyres are tubeless except the spare tyre). Our friend sent his driver to get it repaired and got it fitted back. With that (we thought) we are ready with the car for the Journey tomorrow.


  1. I'm sure this trip was as much fun as the one we took 14 years ago, minus the daughter, mother and pet dog!

  2. I'm sure this trip was as much fun as the one we took 14 years ago, minus the daughter, mother and pet dog!