Monday, February 2, 2015

Bed Roll for RAC passengers in the Indian Railway - Important Information

A few months ago I boarded a  train along with my wife as RAC passengers (I think Mumbai - New Delhi Rajdhani Exp) in one of the AC class. After some time in the journey we started feeling cold in that compartment due to ACs chilling effect.When I contacted the coach attendant who is to disburse the Bed rolls (no more rolls any way, remember the bedding our families carried many years ago on trains, the word bed roll originates from that bedding) for a bed roll, he refused saying "Mujhe RAC passengers ko Bed Roll dene ka Aadesh Nahi hai, मुझे आर ए सी पैसिंजर को बेडरोल देने का आदेश नही है ). It was a funny situation where we are felling cold and were not able to get blankets from him.

After some time, we got our berths and got the bedding but I felt that those who don't get their berth confirmed and remain RAC, what must be happening to them. I choose to take recourse to RTI and filled a RTI with Railway Board on this matter. I had to do that because what happened to me was in 2014 and to my horror I found a Railway Board order of 23 Sep 2009 which mandated issue of a Blanket and a bedsheets to RAC passengers in all AC classes except AC Chair Car where provision of Bed Roll does not exist. Hence I wanted to get it from horse's mouth, so to say, and the latest.

Thankfully RTI power worked (may be normal query might have also worked, I don't know). Railway board has replied and affirmed what has already been stated in the Railway Board order of 2009.

I am putting RTI reply of the Railway Board and the link to the circular of Railway board to that effect in this blog for the benefit of RAC passengers so that they have a comfortable journey even if they do not get a berth. It may be worthwhile to keep at least the copy of Railway Board circular if the traveler is a RAC passenger.

Link to Railway Board circular

Happy journey to all RAC (and could not be confirmed) passengers.

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