Monday, February 9, 2015

AAP at helm in Delhi. They need to deliver

I am at it again. AAP has won Delhi. It is not simple win,  it is a win of a magnitude which has not only surpassed all exit polls (so the pollsters need to refine their model), it actually surpassed (and may be surprised) the AAPs own estimate.

While the euphoria in AAP camp is justified and would last for some time, the magnitude of win should really worry AAP. The faith of people is absolute and thus any failure on AAPs part will be beyond redemption.

Promises can capture people's imigation, particularly those who are downtrodden and desperate. They put faith in those promises and vote. Generally promises are forgotten soon. But in this case if that happens, it is the masses that would be crestfallen.

Beyond euphoria is what lies for AAP. It is the deliverance on promises like 50 % fall in electrical n water bills,  Jan Lokmat etc.

If they don't the frail heart of millions of poor who put faith on AAP will be broken. AAP,  please walk the talk,  please, please for the sake of those who have put everything in what you promised. Amen.

PS -  With the decimation of BJP in Delhi, it is time for them also to walk the talk at centre if they have to gain relevance.