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Seven days trip to Bhutan - A Travelogue - VII and Concluding Part

The seven days trip to Bhutan that we made in Nov 15 was a wonderful time spent with family. I re-lived the whole trip while writing the blog. I hope my readers on my blog and also on FB, G+ and twitter (through links posted there) also enjoyed it as much as me writing it. It is my sincere hope that my attempt to take my readers on virtual tour of Bhutan succeeded in some measure.

This VII and concluding part is essentially about our return leg travel from Paro to Phuntsholing. Let the travel begin.

Day 7 and Final Day in Bhutan – 27th Nov 15 – Paro – Phuntsholing and Phuntsholing Sights

This day was practically and return journey day with in Bhutan. Today we were travelling from Paro to Phuntsholing, the gateway in to and out of Bhutan. After a leisurely breakfast at Mandala resort we left Paro around 0900 and travelled to Phuntsholing. The travel was uneventful.

Only interesting site enroute was  Karbandi Monastery also known as Richending Gompa. This Gompa comes just about 10 km before Phuntsholing. Established by Queen Grandmother in 1967 this gompa is set inside a lush green tropical garden. The Gompa was locked when we reached there but even then the colourful Gompa and stupas around were worth visiting. Another reason everyone should visit this place is that a very good semi aerial view of Phuntsholing town and adjoining Indian plains. One may feel, after a long trip of Bhutan, to skip Karbandi Monastery but my suggestion to all such travelers is, it does not take too long to visit and this place should not be skipped.

We reached Phuntsholing at 1500 hrs and checked in (yet again) in Park hotel. Now the Indian mind was at work. We had almost six hours to utilize at Phuntsholing. Post check-in and tea we asked the direction to Crocodile Conservation Center (Amo Chuu)  which is behind the Bus Station of the town not far from Park hotel. We walked down to this place. It is a very small place and it has Gharials and Magars. There is a small entry fee and you are treated to visual delight of seeing Gharials,Magars and also babies of both these species. It is a place worth visiting and remember our meager entry fee also adds to the conservation efforts of Bhutan Government.

Grown up Magars


One More

Baby Gharials

Magar / Gharial Eggs
Next on our trip was the Buddhist temple in Phuntsholing. It is called Zangtho Pelari Lhakhang. It is a three story temple within a beautiful garden. This place is visited by locals regularly and has lots of Pigeons around it. If I remember correctly, it has eight status of Avatars of Rimpoche in a circular structure.We did not visit two upper stories of the temple. Next was the usual thing that all women love to do and that is to do window shopping and actually shopping if they like something. My wife had a Kira and Tego (Lower and Upper of the dress).was bought.

This day was my brother in law and sister in law’s marriage anniversary. We wanted to surprise them but my sis in law is vegetarian.  We scouted this small market in Phuntsholing and found few cake and pastry shops. We were recommended the ultimate cake shop in Phuntsholing named Kizom café. 

We visited this place and quickly agreed to the view of the shopkeeper in the market who recommended it to us. It was by and far the best of what was there in this market. The requirement to pick up a cake that is vegetarian was fulfilled by picking up Pastries (only egg less product in cakes and pastries collection). The surprise was achieved and celebrations were done in the hotel room. It was dinner time soon and post dinner we all slept with the fond memories of the trip.

Surprise Anniversary Celebration
Next day we were to leave for Darjeeling. The travelogue of Three day trip to Darjeeling is in the making and would follow soon (break ke Baad). While leaving Phuntsholing, we clicked this splendid photo of Bhutan gate in the day light.

Bhutan Gate in the Day Light

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