Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Maharashtra, An Enigma at this moment!

When results were being announced in Maharashtra Assembly election, for some time it looked that the voters have paid heed to NaMo and given clear majority to BJP. End of the day, however, they have emerged only as the party having largest number of seats and were short of 21 seats for a clear majority.

It looked very logical and simple in initial stages. Two Saffron parties, BJP and SS The point of contention has been resolved by 'votes of  people' as they gave highest number of seat to BJP and second highest to SS. No ambiguity of who will be the CM ( Uddhav's uttering not withstanding). But politics possibly has not much to do with Logic. These two natural allies (so we thought) are presently behaving like husband - wife fighting their divorce case in the court. Accusing each of doing wrong to other.

In comes NCP offering outside support to BJP. Why this change of heart? The public reason is stability in Maharashtra but real reason could be to protect themselves from likely investigations of various scams reported in the past. It could also be that they want to be with the power that be if not in the power themselves.

Another leak came that Congress, a distant third to BJP is planning to support SS to form the government. How can they do it with their just about 100+ numbers, no one could understand.

One more story that appeared (and is appearing off and on) is that BJP will form the govt on its own. And the balance 21 number? May be 10 independents say they support BJP but that still leaves a gap of 11.

All very confusing? I agree

Now my take. BJP seems very sure of what it wants to do. It most likely will form the government on its own. If they do it jointly with SS, SS's lust for power will spoil the party. They (SS) will continue to be unreasonable and will put undue demands like deputy CM from them, etc. We have already seen the effect of CM - Dy CM in last Cong - NCP govt. It is an experiment worth avoiding.

The question still remains, from where will they get 21 (or 11, counting 10 independents supposedly on BJP's side)? To me, it seems that they do have an answer to the question and hence they are behaving like a cool cat. The cards will be opened by them at the time of "Show". Till then for us, it still is, wait and watch (The fun, may be).

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