Friday, October 17, 2014

Swacha Bharat, Nice Idea, But is 'Swacha' in our DNA?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come up with some Game Changer ideas like PM Jan Dhan Yojana, Swacha Bharat and Toilets in all schools, etc. Each one of these ideas can change many lives. Jan Dhan Yojana will induce savings as there would be a bank account to put money This will also help direct transfer of subsidies thereby plugging huge leakages of Govt Funds.

Toilets in all the schools (with separate ones for girls) will bring down the drop out rate drastically for the girl students, having higher classes in smaller places is the other such measure.

But what has the potential for Pan India turn around is Swacha Bharat. The general dirt around us every where in villages, towns and cities, the general poor maintenance of public infra and their run down state and such other things is a major put off. They add gloom to the Psyche of people and either limit their capability to take initiative or just kill it.

A clean village, town, city, public infra included, will change the general doom that has set in among most Indians.  The question is, will it happen?

It should happen but who will do it? Look everywhere. We are a nation of people who sweep their house and throw dirt just outside as if it is going to vanish on its own. They do nothing but to wait for some one to arrive when gutter outside their house has chocked (mostly from the dirt that hey have dumped into it). When they go to offices, neither the pile of dust laden files nor the cob webs competing with each other in size bothers them.

They merrily spit pan where ever they feel like, throw groundnut skin (Chilka), Chips packet and such other things without any second thought, not in a dust bin (even when provided) but straight on road or lawns (where ever the eatable finishes, instant disposal). The cleanliness be damned. It is non of their bother as to who will clean it, may be govt or may be no body, who cares.

We the people of this great Bharat seem to have the habit of dirtying around in our DNA. Cleanliness for us is limited to keeping self, own house and own chair clean and nothing more then that. That our surrounding, office, transport, etc is dirty and may be it was dirtied by us is not of any concern.

Earnest desire and thought of our PM may swing some minds who may change themselves but that would not be enough. It will have to be a majority thought for people then and only then the Bharat will be Swacha.

Will there be change of heart for people and will we have the Bharat Swacha? I might have sounded pessimistic in the text above but by nature I am an optimistic person and thus hope that it shall happen.

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