Monday, November 17, 2014

Decency, have we forgotten this trait.

We have just passed 14th November. It was Bal Diwali and also world diabetes day. But most importantly it was Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru's 125th birth day. 

He was our first Prime Minister. He was the architect of modern India. Today, we may disagree with his policies in the advantage of hindsight that we have. We should not forget that the situation then was very different and what he did that time was possibly the best for that time and place (India that was at that time). Simple things like three tier technical education system (ITI, polytechnic and engg colleges) have transformed this nation. I can go on but my point in this post is very different. 

125th Birth Anniversary of this great man should have been cause of nation wide celebrations. So are they not happening? They are but how?
What should have been a unifying event has been made a mockery of. INC lines up programme but does not have the decency to invite people from some of the parties including the ruling party,  BJP. This as if they and they alone hold the IPR on the brand Nehru. By one act a great national figure has been reduced to a partisan leader of just one of the party out of the many parties existing in this nation. 

There are programmes organised by the government of the day (headed by BJP). what is not clear is that did they invite wide spectrum people including politicians of all parties. They should have because any party can behave in any manner but govt of the day does not have such a luxury. 

If they invited everyone, good. The way the politics of the country has become partisan, decency seems to be the biggest casualty, there is thus a doubt, did the govt function done with a invite to all?

 Hope these people from political domain get well soon and get back this vital trait earlier, else the polity will be the looser. 

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