Sunday, November 23, 2014

Indian Railway, the way to go.

I am presently in August Kranti Rajadhani on my way to Mumbai. Rajadhani trains at least on Delhi - Mumbai route are famous for their catering service feeding the passengers non stop. Well I have not travelled in any other Rajadhani therefore I can comment about Delhi -  Mumbai Rajadhani.

The train in spick and span,  shining and very clean. Service quality is very close to airlines style (barring air hostesses). Food quality is reasonable. The Refreshment try has a tray mat which has whole schedule and menu of catering service. It also has a line, 'No tips please'.

The catering staff is businesslike. The TTE is polite and again business like. In general the over all experience in last two hours is enjoyable.

I know every train is not Rajadhani. Provide these kind of services on other trains would shoot up the cost of ticket.  Non reserved trains and trains with sleeper class has to many people. All is correct.

What I feel is, Railways should have a modular concept. First module should be basic which is available to all passengers. Some bits already exist like drinking water on all stations,  waiting halls,  etc. There is definately a needsto upgrade this module in terms of cleanliness in the comparemts,  water in the toilets and biodigester toilets (already introduced in some trains).

As the class of travel become sleeper class, one more module of additional services is added and so on till first AC class. This way the modularity will result in set protocols for Railway employees to flow. They would know what service must be provided to which class.  Both travellers and the railway would benefit.

Service model of Delhi - Mumbai Rajadhani could become benchmark to break it down to various modules.

Keep it up Railways, your services on August  Kranti exp have improved.  That is the way to go. 

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