Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Vasai, A Miniature Replica of Goa

Recently I had a occasion to visit Vasai for short duration on two consecutive days. It was a road trip from Nalasopara West to Vasai village in outskirts of Mumbai.

Vasai has a history. It had a Fort of sultan of Cambay  or Khambat. This was cede to Portuguese after a long drawn battle.

This Fort served as seat of Portuguese govt of Northern territory (all areas under control of Portuguese to the north of Goa). There was a vibrant city (by those days standard) outside  the fort.

This fort was won over by Maratha Army under Chimajee Appa, brother of the then Peshwa after a battle of over three years in 1739. It was soon cede to English by Marathas.

Even now Vasai is a close knit social unit. This is despite many locals converting to Christianity during Portuguese regime. Most houses, small or big, are independent houses of one or two stories. Some of the houses are still old styled but most are now modern. Each house habits own garden with coconut, supari,  cashew and mangoes, etc.
The roads are narrow (just two tight lanes)  and winding. The landscape is serene and beautiful.

Most importantly while Goa has lost its lifestyle, at least in goan cities, to tourism,. On the other hand  Vasai seems to have preserved it's old peaceful (and not lazy) life style despite it being so close to Mumbai and almost all working people follow Mumbai's harried life style for work (cuz they work in Mumbai)

I wish that they remain aware of the cultural importance of being what their place is,  Vasai and retain the old world charm around them while adopting to modern with a sense of history.

For Mumbaikar, when you miss Goa and can't go there, go to Vasai. Only request,  don't turn it into present day Goa. 


  1. Indeed, even i was surprised with the tranquility and preservation of traditions.

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