Saturday, January 3, 2015

Have watched PK. A Delightful thought provoking movie

I had penned down a blog on Hinduism and why we should disregard things that might be incorrectly portrayed in this movie PK. that post,  as explicitly stated by me,  was in the context of the capabilities and qualities of Hinduism,  that too without watching PK.

Here are the excerpts of comments made by  one of my friend on the link I posted on FB,  'we have seen the movie.  There is nothing offensive in it at all and it is a sincere attempt to provide a small wake up call for thousands of people in our country who blindly follow NOT their religion but the various "god-men" who are at large currently. An alien who drops in a place which is unfamiliar to him is puzzled to see that a single species is divided into different sects each of which follows different rules. where a hindu widow wears white to grieve, Christians wear it at their wedding day. They wear black to mourn their loss whereas muslims wear black burqas during their everyday lives. the first half is based on this facet of our society and covers each religion equally.

Her comment are detailed ones and can in fact be posted as a blog post because of its quality but that is not possible,   hence only excerpts have been quoted by me. After reading these comments I had to watch PK.

Having watched PK I fully agree with my friends comments. My opinion on the movie and controversy around it is in succeeding paragraphs.

As per me it is a excellent story with satirical but subtle message about the need for people to connect with their personal  god without any mediator. I found it light hearted on one hand while conveying a very vital message on the other. It did not make light of some practices of Hinduism alone, it did take on every one albeit little less then Hinduism. It is a must watch movie.

On the controversy about the movie, it looks to me that people objecting to the movie have either not watched the movie or if they have watched
it and still oppose it then it is perceptional  difference or they may have some other motive that I am unable to comment on.

As for me, it is a good movie that I recommend as a must watch. 

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