Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A New ''Bhasmasur'' called AAP Going into Self Destruct Mode in Delhi

There is a very famous story from Indian Mythology of Bhasmasur. It goes something like this.  He was an Aasur (Rakshas) who did ''Tyapsiya'' with deep devotion to Lord Shiva. When Bhole Shankar was pleased with Bhasmasur, he asked him to seek a boon. Bhasmasur sought a boon that he should have a power such that when he puts his hand on anybody's head, that person should be burnt to death (भस्म होना).

When Lord Shankar granted the boon to Bhasmasur, first thing Bhasmasur did was to try to test his power on Lord Shankar. Lord Shanker had to run away to save himself. Thereafter Bhasmasur embarked upon killing spree and conquered most of the universe.

Finally, to destruct him, Lord Vishnu had to take avatar of a very beautiful dancer called Mohini. She lured Bhasmasur with her beauty and dance to such a extent that he started imitating her dance moves. At an appropriate time in the dance, Mohini put her hand on her head and so did Bhasmasur. By doing so he self destructed himself.

In the present what is happening in the ruling party at Delhi state is following lines of Bhasmasur story. They sought boon and the Bhole Shanker of the democracy, the Public, gave it to them. The boon should have been used to destruct the evil of politics but that did not happen as expected. The party soon was into typical political culture of Bungalows, cars, etc. some actions were done for the public, may be half hearted.

I remember my own words to my wife when she said that watching results on TV, with this massive mandate there is no opposition left in Delhi Assembly. I told her, the opposition in the Assembly is going to come from within and the may be from a Breakaway group as groupism is a human trait.

Now the Bhasmasur seems to be going in to Self Destruct mode with some of their own becoming Mohini. They are removing founder members, sting is being done against them and at this rate large number of members seem to be drifting away. I guess so many people who are very ambitious and cut throat  (see each one is on the top of whatever he was doing, one does not reach the top without being cut throat) and so many people of this type are unlikely to stay together for long time. We need to wait and watch.

Self Destruct or not is the choice of the party. whatever happens, if they self destruct, it will be the heart break for common men (and women) of Delhi.

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