Saturday, May 30, 2015

Realisation in the Morning

In our lifetime we gather many life experiences. By the time we finish school, we learn that life is beautiful and such life should not be wasted in keeping negative thoughts and disappointments in mind..

Some of us can implement this practice in life fully, some partially and some just can't. With time many forget the good habit.

And then one day you are suddenly reminded of this important facet of life, This experience also came to me recently. Few days ago I was at Goa and staying at Bagmalo Beach Resort. On the day of my return flight I did not have time to swim in the morning. I decided to take a stroll on Bagmalo beach.

Walking on the beach on the cusp where the beach and the wave meet, it was fascinating to watch own foot prints on the wet sand when I looked back. It was kind of cute. As I saw my foot prints, the next wave came, submerged the foot prints and wiped them off from the sand. I felt angry on the waves.

But suddenly the life lesson dawned on me. Let us consider the wet beach be our mind. The foot print being the imprint or impact of an event, good or bad, on it. What do the waves then become for our mind? Waves are like the next moment in our life, bringing in fresh thoughts, drenching our minds and wiping out the imprint of the previous event, good or bad, but definitely the bad.

For some of us, next moment may feel little too much of analogy but that is not important, This thought  teaches us an important thing in life, to let go of disappointments as early as possible. In fact that is the key to happiness, 'let go'.

Naysayers (who do not agree with me) may say, well, good thought, but if the imprint is deep and if it is not on the wet area of the beach, it does not get wiped out with each wave. A human being also may have such deep imprint of an event, in an area that can not be wiped out by next wave.

Do I have an answer to that? yes. When the High tide comes on the beach twice in 24 hrs, most of the beach is washed by the waves and the imprints go. The deeper imprints must also go from our minds at a fixed interval by the process of sleep every night like the high tide. In any case, every thing in life has an expiry date, why not imprints of the events particularly bad one have an expiry date. Why let them keep in the mind  to rot and stink our mind.

Such a simple life lesson was reinforced by a glorious morning on a beach in Goa by beautiful waves awash on the beach. No doubt the saying that all good things in life is free is an absolute truth,

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