Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Master stroke by India - NSA Talks with Pakistan

NSA level talks between India n Pakistan are scheduled on 23 / 24 Aug at New Delhi. When it was felt that they are going to happen in smooth environment, Pakistan strategists played there hand. They scheduled a reception for Pak NSA (nothing unusual about it)  and invited Hyriyat leaders for the reception.

I am sure it foxed  everyone here. It was like the famous Logical Fallacy, in which a loaded question is asked, "Have you stopped beating your wife". Either way the answer is given, you are guilty. If you said yes, you are guilty of beating her in the past and if the answer it  no, then you still continue to beat your wife.

Indians situation was the same. If you call off the talks on the issue of invite, you are guilty. If you don't you are still guilty of bowing to neighbours despite their acts.

And then  came the master stroke today morning. The govt did not object to the invite by Pak nor it called off the talk. It just did what is legitimately theirs, just put all the Hyriyat people under house arrest. As such many hardliners among them had already committed many things deserving a crackdown.

Now if the talks are called off by Pakistan because these people, who were invited have been arrested they are guilty and if the talks go ahead,  it is good for us. Tables turned and diplomatic victory for the country ensured.

There seems to be a Chanakya within the Foreign Policy establishment of the government or some one is doing serious reading of Kautilya's Arthashashtra. 

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