Friday, July 21, 2017

Essential Andaman in 8 night / 9 days - Detailed Travelogue - Day VI

Day VI -

Having arrived yesterday and witnessed the spectacular sunset at Laxmanpur II beach, today we were to cover other attractions of Neil Island.

In  that list first place was Laxmanpur I beach (if it can be called a beach, which it is not) where we were to see Natural Bridge, a rock formation that has become a bridge due to centuries of erosion of rocks under it. here was a catch in this visit. The place can be accessed only during low tide which was around 0930 this day.

This peculiarity gave us adequate time to roam around on the sea front behind our hotel for some time. It also gave us time to have leisurely breakfast. Post breakfast and check out, we headed for Laxmanpur I (and this time I would not call it a beach). After a short travel, we reached the parking space from where it was about half a kilometer walk over the volcanic ground and then ankle deep water (thus a strong and water resistant footwear is necessary for this visit). We took a guide and moved towards the main site (and I would recommend a guide as a must).

We were looking forward to visiting the Natural Bridge. We did not know that even before we see the bridge, we would be privy to a virtual marine park kind f marine life. This became a true bonus.  These shallow ankle deep waters are home to sea anemone, sea cucumbers, star fish, etc. To get a glimpse for yourself, see the photos below.

Sea Cucumber 

Sea anemone 

Star Fish

Afer witnessing the marine life as we walked further,  the natural bridge in its pristine glory was visible. We were about to become shutterbugs when our guide told us to hold on till we go on to other side of the bridge (definitely can not be done once tide starts flooding (increasing)).

Once we crossed over to the other side skirting the bridge (no one is allowed to walk under the bridge and nor any one is allowed to climb over the bridge) we realised how true his statement was. The bridge is even grander viewed from the other side (may be because morning sun rays come from that side). The view was just awesome.

Natural  Bridge

See this is what is called Natural Bridge

Had to Support this Falling Rock

We visited Bharatpur beach next( the whole of Ramayan is present in Neil but surprisingly Ram is missing) which is The Beach in Neil where one can either enjoy the beauty of the place or indulge into taking a dip into the sea or enjoy water sports and if one is very enthusiastic, both can be done, enjoying the beauty and also water based activities. We, however, opted for only viewing the beauty.

Seen Such Colours ever - Bharatpur Beach

Makruuz Liner

Boats to take people for Seaborne Activities

There are a large number of shops here who are selling sea shells, Shankhs, a variety of T - Shirts, tea, coconut water, etc. It is where I picked up a Shankh and learned to blow it. Having managed to blow this smaller one, I bought another bigger one which was even easier to blow.

After spending adequate time at Bharatpur beach we headed to Sitapur beach. It is a horse shoe shaped  beach (well, almost there type, not truly horse shoe shape) with tree lined smaller mountains on both ends. This beach is also not safe for swimming. This is where we photographed the beach (nothing new about it) and had our Titanic moments with romantic photography (that was after a long time).
Sita Pur Beach

Sun and Sand

One more View

It was time to catch our Makruzz Ferry (which was on Jetty for some ime as it has over one hour layoff at Neil). After a jurney of over one and half hour we were back to Port Blair.

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