Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Life Post Retirement - Dilemma or Delight?

Let me start with a fact. All insurance companies have been advertising about investing and reaping benefits so that one can "Retire Early". They are enticing young professionals to earn enough and retire early to enjoy retired life.

Here I am. Superannuated from the Navy at the age of 56 (as retirement age is governed by rank held at the time of retirement). Going by insurance firms and their advertisement pitch, a late retiree, as their tag line is retire as early as possible to enjoy life (and the corollary is, till you retire, slog like a donkey to earn, a very stupid idea, why wait till retirement, life must be enjoyed "Every Day" till it lasts).

After over a 33 and half years wonderful affair with the IN, post retirement, I have no plans to WORK, at least in conventional sense of a 9 to 5 job. However, everyday, when I am enjoying watching TV, Long walks, Chatting with my life partner, trying to cook new dishes, meeting people, etc, I face a dilemma. The dilemma is, am I doing the right thing by not working 9 to %. To put it in my wife's words, you still have four more productive years when you can work.

I tend to agree and also disagree with her. I do face this question that by just being home and doing nothing I am wasting some useful time of life? But on the re=look on this thought I feel, if one has secure finances (though it may be a fallacy to say that finances are secured, unless invested wisely and the economic situation is stable, finances are not secured), near settled Children (at least they are done with their studies and are working) and no liabilities, should one work and by doing so, block a young man's (or woman's) chance and aspirations to do well in life.

Depending on the circumstances (also financial condition and family obligations still pending) at the time of retirement, some may face the dilemma as to what to do post  retirement. They may desperately need to look for a job. But my view is, if one does not have financial constraints, Family Obligation and liabilities and whose children are settled in life (or near settled), a delightful retired life with enjoyment of life being the end use of so much spare time is the way to go. That is what I term Delightful retirement without any dilemma.

But if one is not intellectually busy and physically active, established research indicates that such retiree's life spam is reduced drastically. How to counter that while enjoying the retirement? To me, best way is to take to Teaching at whatever level, even voluntarily and even without remuneration (if that be so). In the worst case scenario, just putting a black board (or white board) in the nearest " Jopadpatti" and teaching the children there also is a good option.

Retirement is a dilemma for few based on circumstances, but in most cases, not being greedy, being contained and being blissfully engaged in the pursuit of happiness is that delightful retirement that one seeks.

Happy Retired Life.

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