Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Self Planned Three Weeks Trip to Europe - Packing for 24 days (My Take)

Travelling to Europe for 24 days gives a feeling that my luggage would be of such dimension that it utilises full 23 Kg checked baggage limit. allowed by Airlines. After all, 24 days is a long time, Europe is still not warm, it is still cold (not the freezing one) and weather can be uncertain.

It would have been true in the normal traveler. The case with me is different, I am a minimalist  person who likes to carry bare minimum stuff. Most of my life in the Indian Navy, I have done many tours (what we call them is "Ty Duty" or Temporary Duty) and I have always traveled  minimum luggage. The beauty is, from the minimum luggage that I carried, one odd item of dressing came back unused.

In any case, Europe trip is self planned. Unlike in a trip with travel company where the bus and luggage van waits for the travelers at the airport or bus station, we are on our ow, finding our way to B & B or Hotel using Public transport, etc. It is a reason enough to carry least amount (in terms of items in general and weight in particular) of luggage as it is us who have to lug it every where.

My traveler (small suitcase) that I have packed weighs less than 15 kg (actually it weighs less today, but I anticipate addition of some more weight to reach that weight). Shocked or Dismayed that this man will have to shop in Europe and spend Euros? Disbelief? Come out of it.

With the packing list that I am giving as under, I would not only travel but travel with comfort and complete my trip successfully (a fact that can be confirmed only after I return from the trip). Well, that means, washing some of the cloths (particularly T's) as and when required.

Here is the List:-


T Shirts / Shirts - 7 (6 packed, one to be worn)
Trousers - 4 (including two jeans, 3 packed)
Under Garments - 6 sets
Towel 1 (soft and thin and ultra light weight, Pure cotton one, called Rajapuri Pancha in Maharashtra, very similar to A big long Gamcha used in North India)
Socks - 4 pairs including one to be worn
Hand Kerchief - 4
Half Sweater - 1
Full Sweater - 1
Jacket -1


Shaving Kit
Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush
One Cloth Drying String (rubber one with end hooks)
One Swiss Knife set
One small Water Heater (just four inch long)
Teabags 100 (Hindustani Chai ke bina Kaise Jiyega?)
Essential Medication
One small Torch
Water Bottle
Playing Cards (Never Played but no harm trying)
Sun Glasses

Most of the clothing items are packed in Packing Cubes. It is the first time we are using Packing cubes and hope we find them useful.


Print Outs of B & B / Hotel Booking, tickets for travel and visit.
Copies of Passport with visa page
Travel Insurance Paper


Forex Card
Forex cash

Electronic Items (mostly in Hand Baggage)

DSLR Tripod ( I am not carrying it as I am getting one at Paris from Our son but it is recommended to carry it)
Battery pack
Mobile Charger(s)
Samsung Tab
Transfer Cable (for transferring photos from Memory card to Tab)
Card Reader

 I think that makes all that I have packed. Will this be good enough for the trip? Wait for my feedback. Did I miss anything? Not Sure.

Happy Packing in future to all those who read this blog


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  2. Depends when are you going there. :)

    We did 4 months trip to Europe last year and had much more luggage that you mentioned. Tripods, 2 laptops, cameras, chargers, speakers, one big box of my medicines/injections etc.
    And yes, as a self imposed rule we didn't take a single taxi and always travelled by public transport. That means dragging our suitcases on cobbled roads. :)

    Have a look at our website to know more. https://www.lemonicks.com/