Saturday, April 9, 2011

Travelogue - My Journey from Hyderabad - Indore and back - by road

Part I

02 May 10 
Basic research for the trip

After a long gap of over a year we decided to undertake long Road Journey over land in our Indigo LS which is two years old. The trip route originally planned was – Hyderabad – Nagpur (where Pranay, our son was to join us) – Jabalpur – Indore – Shegaon -  Jalgaon – Tuljapur and back to Hyderabad. A chance discussion with a colleague brought in Pench Tiger Reserve about 90 km from Nagpur on the way to Jabalpur on NH 7 in to our programme.

Then started the research on Pench. A treasure trove was found in Team BHP forum post of Mr Adil and same post gave me introduction of Dr Abheek Ghosh of Nagpur. Discussions with him cheered me more as I could get pin pointed information on budget (absolute budget) accommodation in Pench area. They included FRH at Karmajhiri, Khawasa and Bison Retreat on NH 7 in MP and FRH Sillari and MTDC Resort at Sillari. Other accommodation that I had searched earlier was exorbitantly costly (one could do two safaris in Pench in the lower side of their rent and about eight safaris in the rent on higher side). I was trying to book FRH at Khawasa or Sillari. Worst case I was to look at MTDC Sillari. Bison Retreat at Rukhad, 110 km from Nagpur on NH 7 could have been a good option but it wais booked on my date with Pench. FRH stay would have been by itself an adventure as no cooking is available.

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