Saturday, April 9, 2011

Travelogue - My Journey from Hyderabad - Indore and back - by road

Part II  

Still Planning

03 May 10

Efforts to send fax requesting accommodation booking at Khawasa over 30 Apr and today to Field Director, Project Tiger, Seoni did not succeed. On the given fax no, the ring was going but fax tone was missing. Eventually spoke to Shri Tiwari Deputy Director, who after understanding the problem agreed to take the request for accommodation over phone. After some time spoke to his staff, a lady, who noted the requested and promised that the accommodation would be booked at Khawasa FRH. She however mentioned that cooking facility is not likely to be available. We would have to go to Turia where the park main gate is there. She also advised to book safari trips in advance at because only 50 vehicles are allowed per trip. Have sought advice from Dr Ghosh on the matter.

All the references accumulated during the research for accommodation are as follows:-

(a) Field Director, Project Tiger (MP), Seoni
Phone 07692-223794, 222169 Fax  07692 – 223204
For booking of Forest Rest Houses at Karmajhiri (Rooms / Dorms) Two units, Tourist Hut at Karmajhiri and FRH at Khawasa.

(b) Bison Retreat at Rukhad on NH7 and Kipling’s Court at Pench can be booking online on MPSTDC website where availability also can be checked. Phone no of Bison Retreat is 07695-290130 and at Kiplings Court is 07695 – 232830, 232855 and fax is 07695 - 232850.

(c) FRH at Sillari in Maharashtra (32 Km from Pench Main Gate in MP at Turia) can be booked with DCF, Nagpur at 0712 – 2524624. FRH at Totaldoh can be booked with Field Director, Project Tiger (Maharashtra), Nagpur at 0712 – 2560748.

(d)  MTDC Resort at Sillari (understand the management is in private hands) can be booked by speaking to Mr Kale, Manager at 07114 – 691415 (Rate Rs 1400 for AC Double and Rs 1000 for Non AC Double). 

Advice form Dr Ghosh received and very useful. Dr Ghosh has also recommended booking of safari slots online at and hence we have booked two safaris, one on 09 May afternoon and second on 10 May forenoon. With this my preparation for Nagpur / Pench part of the trip is over. All that remains till we depart on 08 May for Nagpur is to do careful packing. Did essential shopping and toping up  fual tank of the Car on 06 May and on 07 May finished packing. Ready to go. Plan to leave between 0530 to 0600 AM.

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