Monday, September 17, 2012

Burfi, A refreshing movie

After a long time I could find time to watch a film and I watched this movie called Burfi. The name of the movie was very unconventional and the reviews in the news papers were good, though I could not make out the theme of the movie from the review.

As the movie started, it took some time for me  to understand what is happening. As it progressed, it kept shuttling between current event and flash back and that too without any notice or hint. That also made me think, is it current event or flash back? The movie also progressed rather slowly.

What I said above  not withstanding, it was a refreshing movie, full of life and fun. So much of misfortune and sadness that the hero and heroine had in their life due to god's gift (or was it lack of it) but   the way they dealt with life was so simple and funny. Their characters made you think of our able bodied people's responses to similar situation ( and we able bodied figured poor second to these two souls). Every thing in the movie bordered to comedy yet none of it was a comedy, it was something that forced you to think. It was simple yet had a deep message. It did not make you cry (despite all the sufferings that the leads of the movie go through) yet it made you sit up and take note.

As for acting, the expressions, the communication through non verbal means, and the finesse in portraying the character by the leads was absolutely flawless. It was unbelievable the way Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra (PC to you all) acted in this movie. Just superb. No other words are required.

In order to retain pleasure of the readers of my blog, of watching this movie I have refrained from giving out the story. Guys n Gals you must go and watch the movie. Most of you will love it, few of you may hate it but one thing is sure, you will not be able to ignore it. It will haunt you for days to come, albeit in a positive manner (some you may disagree with this statement).

Borrowing from a famous advertisement, 'Burfi' is priceless, for everything else there is 'some' card ( pun intended). Don't mess your chances to watch a movie which is funny yet potent. Just go and watch. Happy watching.

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