Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pakistan Situation, a well choreographed Show by an Experienced Director

The well choreographed show Pakistan style is going on for a month. First, prop up people to demonstrate against elected government (by Imran and a preacher). Let it snowball into confrontation. Let the situation reach a proportion where elected PM is forced to seek army's help.

Today second phase of the show is unfolding where law enforcing agencies have to act as people demonstrating have reached Parliament with hammer and wire cutters (as reported by Pak press). As police act, the action is called murder by demonstrators.

Let me predict the act three of the show. On the pretext of broken down law and order and the border situation with India (again escalated by Pak army themselves) Pak army will suspend the Parliament and impose martial law. Army will commit that once law and order is improved they will restore parliament. After a year or so they will dissolve Parliament, start ruling and promise that election will be held soon, which will be eventually held, may be after 3 or 4 years.

Alternate final act - Army may allow Nawaz, a badly weakened and propped up PM to rule as a legitimate front of army with Army playing role of master and the PM, His Master's Voice.

Let us wait and watch. Only time will tell me how correct my readings have been.

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