Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chess in Progress in Maharashtra, Possibilities! - Follow up

Hi All,

This is a follow on post on the same subject. Now that the actors namely A & B and C & D have broken up, probabilities of event (a)that is party C & D staying together is become zero (at the moment).

Probability of event (b) (namely party D going all alone) happening is now gone up to about 70% though I would not be surprised if post filing nominations in next two days the main protagonists of this game of chess on one side (party C & D) come to some convergence and fight the elections jointly yet again

It may be so that party D broke the alliance to give shock treatment to its friend party C. If they reach some convergence, all it takes is to tell official candidates to withdraw their nominations from the seats allotted to alliance partner, though some candidates revolting and continuing to fight as independent is not ruled out.

Party A and C are already accusing that there is a tacit alliance between party B and party D (that is the event (c) for my earlier post with stated probability of 15% when last post was published, now it is up to 20 %).

I will still not rule out event (d) party A and D joining together though A has already declared its tie up with Mulayam's party. I would peg the probability to mere 10 % of this event happening.

Every news channel is talking of one thing (irrespective of who owns that channel), Maharashtra common man is tired of Party A & B's joint misrule of last decade. If that is true, is there going to be a relief to the population of Maharashtra and are any political parties ever bothered about people's aspirations to let go of their own egos is what remains to be seen?

Parties have time till the date of nomination withdrawal to rethink and realign. As for me, I will enjoy the game of "wait and watch" (the fun I mean).

BTW - I also enjoy to hear your views and comments, so feel free.

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