Monday, September 22, 2014

Memorial in Official Bungalow

There is a classic being enacted in heart of New Delhi.  A senior politician was alloted a govt bungalow. On his death it was possibly reallocated to his son who might have become a MP or it could be gratis at that time,  I am not sure of it.

Now when he is neither minister nor MP,  he has been asked to vacate. After consuming sufficient time he wanted time till 25 Sep on religious grounds.

So far it looked a normal and routine process. Suddenly it must have donned on someone that why not convert govt owned accommodation to self owned. Brilliant idea,  lets demand that that bungalow be made memorial to senior leader.

Well govt so far has refused to conceed the request. However,  if govt does not fortify the bungalow it is likely that some squatters will take possession of it and refuse to vacate till they have their way.

Let us wait and watch as to who blinks first. 

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