Thursday, September 18, 2014

Games Top Leaders of Nations Play

Chinese President is here. He and Indian Prime Minister are holding talks. While on one hand this is happening, on the other hand incursions in Ladakh by PLA Army personals and for the first time by the civilians from Chinese side (mind you originally only Tibetans were the citizens in the area across the border. Whether these civilians are Tibetans or Chinese is not clear to me).

It would have been a reasonable assumption that a nation will ensure that when their leader is traveling to a neighboring country, the contentious issues are kept low. The case here is exactly opposite. The Chinese President is all powerful and his military and civilians have stepped up these activities giving rise to a suspicion that it is not a mere coincidence but a design by Chinese government with full consent of the guest who is presently in our country.

The motive seems to keep our government and its thought process confused and destabilized during bilateral talks to gain a upper hand.

Will they succeed and have we planned similar or suitable counteraction is to seen in the days to come.

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