Monday, September 15, 2014

They too served the people. Local Volunteers in J n K

J &  K is going through a really rough time.  The scale of tragedy is massive. Rescue efforts require capability, discipline, devotion and reach of our Armed Forces.

The extent of work being done by them is huge and the attended coverage of their actions also is of that scale both on TV as also the print media.

It does not mean that there is vacuum of others in provide relief. Well as far as State government and separatist are concerned their absence is well known. In d first case of State Government it is unfortunate and in the second case, it is a welcome absence. No one missed their absence.

But credit is due and must be given to large number of local volunteers,  people, religious organisations, etc who pitched in with their meger resources and stayed put in the service of their community. Many did so while their own families were facings similar hardship.

We must salute our Armed forces but we must also salute these people who had no organisation to back them up, meger resources and none else but sheer courage and will to help.

Oh common people of J & K who went much beyond their call of duty out of sheer will to assist,  we salute you. 

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