Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Marathi Drama (Natak) 'Proposal'

As  part of Maharashtra Utsav (Ganesh Utsav as called in Delhi but with a difference that the programmes held thereafter in various months also become part of it) celebrated in Delhi, we were fortunate to see a very good Natak (Drama), named Proposal on 06th Sep 14.

It had many unique things in it, starting from its set. It is a two act play but the whole play is enacted in a Mumbai Local Coach (that too supposedly last local of the day from somewhere (may be Mumbai CST) to Kalyan. So one can imagine how innovative the set is.

The story revolves around Just four characters, two main ones and two support ones. The main protagonists are a young man of say 22, very naive and simple (so it looks) and a Street Walker young girl, again pretending to be street smart but a small girl lurking beneath her Street Walker exterior.

From this point one it is a journey of fun, light hearted banter, emotions and a bond between them caused by common rural background. How ever this act culminates in arrest of the girl (not for Street Walking) by the boy (who is a Police Constable) for an accidental death of a ruffian during a fistfight with the girl (while the boy was asleep).

The second act is the hallmark of the play and for maintaining the sanctity of the story line I would not talk about it. I would say that the quality of the whole story line is similar to the famous Hindi short story by Pandit Chandradutt Sharma Guleri called Usane Kaha Tha". Those who know this hindi story would know what intense level of storyline I am talking about.

The acting by Aditi Sarangdhar as the lead female role Radha and by Astad Kale in the leading Male role of Nivruti Krushna Pawar  is the one that adds fragrance to the story line. Among these two, Aditi stands out primarily because her role has emotions as its second name and she bring them out in a unbelievably superb manner with her very high standard of acting. Astad kale also does full justice to his act.

You don't believe in my statement? Please watch the play and then tell me how right I was. Happy Viewing.

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