Monday, September 8, 2014

New Divide among People of Sanatan Dharma.

When things were almost settled on the Sanatan dharma (aka Hindu dharma) front and it seemed that now the dispute is inter – religion, came the bomb shell. 

It revolved around the question, Ïs Sai baba of shiradi a god”? What the Sanatan Dharma says about god, who qualifies as a god or his Avtar are higher level questions beyond me. To my understanding and I may be wrong, whatever or whose ever responds to ones calls when he is in distress, the mind believes in him.  As such, the dharma followed in India is that everything in this universe has god within it. Remember  the adage, ‘Aaham Brahmasmi’.

Back to this question, is Sai Baba a god? But who says so? This humble saint preached unity. Named a old (unused, to my knowledge)  mosque “Dwarka Mai”. Lived in it in abject poverty and survived only on Alms given by people. Never heard that he called himself even a Saint, let alone an Avtar. He reached out to people, people developed faith in him and they granted him elevated status as a Saint, but as per available information he did not start a Math (Mutt) or stopped living on Alms.

It was always believed that Sai baba is a Saint. Was he Muslim or Hindu? I guess no one could find out even in those days when he was alive nor he ever explained.  Also it did not matter to the people who somehow believed in him. Then why this controversy?

Every issue has its roots in Power or quest for it. It could be power over people or control over money. Sometimes, when life is peaceful, some people become uncomfortable with the peace and tranquility. But the debate being triggered by a senior figure of the stature of Sankarachrya is surprising. 

I thought Sanatan Dharma is ever gracious and accommodating all through the history. However, this issue has triggered intense debate and ideological fight among management committees of various temples across the nation as if all the pressing problems of their fellow followers are resolved and this is the only issue left to be resolved. 

The unity that existed thus far is shattered. A new division among people (mostly Hindus) has started. The issue has boiled down from ’Is Sai Baba a God’, which is a non issue as no one said so, to ‘why is his statue in the temples’. 

The simple man’s simpler saint must be extremely unhappy. He tried to unify people all through his life and now they are getting divided over issues related to him. Let us leave him alone.

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