Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sena and Dy CM

In one of my earlier blog some days ago I had said that BJP seems to have a plan in Maharashtra for govt formation with or without SS.

BJP has already formed the government. SS has still not made up its mind. Some rumours say that SS wants Dy CMs post and some specific ministries.

May be.  But they were in a position to have all this bargain only and only if they had been in pre poll alliance amicably with BJP. Having lost that opportunity may be because of their or BJPs adamant attitude. At this stage they should look for via media to come together and work for people of the state.

There is enough to do and prove in every ministry and they should prove their worth in which ever portfolio they get. A specific ministry may be good to make party funds,  if one has to  work for people,  any ministry is as good.

As for Dy CM, it creates power centres with in state govt and should be avoided even if the dy CM is from the same party. If accountability and governance are  to be ensured, Dy CM institution is detrimental and should be avoided at any cost.

In any case SS has very little chips to  bargain. Let them rather concentrate about good of the people of Maharashtra. 

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