Saturday, December 27, 2014

We do extraordinary work but lack publicity skills

Our Armed forces do stellar work during aid to nation n neighbours alike during natural calamities and other emergencies. We have done so as far as Lebanon.

What we make up by high quality work is lost by poor media. Our quality of work is seen in many places within India and out side. We have executed rescue missions as far as Lebanon.

What we lack is the necessary media coverage of what we do. Our media is generally busy with covering non issues like conversions and reverse conversions (ghar wapasi)  or things like Sanjay Datt's furlough, etc. Foreign media has its own interests, work by India in general and Armed forces in particular does not figure in their agenda.

In the end it is our stellar work that gets shadowed.

I am happy that one of our own news paper columnists has talked about it in his column.

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