Monday, April 18, 2016

Kashmir 9 days trip - The Enjoyment Report

Day One - 09 Apr 16

Mumbai - Srinagar Flight & Visit to Tulip Garden

Embarking on 9 days journey to Kashmir, we flew out of Mumbai by Indigo direct flight and reached Srinagar at about 1400 hrs. It was a smooth and eventful flight.

Our driver Mukhtar and his Innova were waiting for us. We were five and balance five of our family group had already reached Srinagar and had checked in in our accommodation at Blooming Dale off Boulevard road.

We reached the hotel at about 1430 hrs. Lunch for us was ordered by our balance half of the group. We settled down in the rooms, had a quick Kahawa / Tea round in the reception area and after some gap had lunch.

The main objective of this trip happened to be 'the date with Tulips' in Tulip Garden. These Tulips generally bloom by about 20 March and last till 20 Apr or less. This time however they bloomed on 15 March and we were worried that the Tulips might have withered away.

It had been raining in Srinagar that day till we reached Hotel. The weather did clear and mild sunlight returned by the time we left for Tulip Garden.

We were lucky, very lucky. The withering had started but there was still most of the bloom intact. See it for yourself. It is just a riot of Tulips for you to see

The date with Tulips was a spiritual experience. It felt as if the heart & the soul have just opened up to something out of the world and spectacular that was in front of us.

Me, Son and Daughter

Beautiful flowers but not tulips
 Here is a panoramic view of the garden

Post Tulip garden visit, when the euphoria reduced we realised the travel induced tiredness. Returned to Dal Lake. Had a stroll on Boulevard and then returned to the hotel. After a dinner the day of date with tulips ended with sleep time.


  1. Crisp n well written blog. A must visit place in Srinagar.

  2. Ohhhhh, you have so much whetted our appetite for visiting Jammu-kashmir! God knows When will we be able to make this trip!!! Rows of tupils..stunningly gorgeous!!!!

  3. A beautiful place perfectly captured in camera! congrats that you were able to make it in time to witness the tulips.

    1. Thanks for encouraging remarks. Obliged.