Friday, June 17, 2016

Waiting - The Movie

I watched this Nasiruddin Shah and Kalki starrer yesterday. I was told it is kind of Art film by some one and I was worried that it would be a boring film with long shots of long faces and feet and nose, very slow moving and what not (my individual views about such films). With this perception I entered the cinema Hall.

From the word go the movie turned out to be attention grabber. A very different topic, a very serious one which has been handled very maturely. Two individual with similar set of problems but different set of expectations and different set of realities meet and find moral support in each other. One is a matured person and the other is a bubbly young one. The acting by both nsir and Kalki are just superb. The supporting cast also has done full justice to their roles.

Deep emotional subject has been handled in a very delightful manner. The message gets delivered in a very light manner without strain.

One is clinging on to his feelings despite the evidence pointing to the other way and not allowing things to let go while other wants to let go when the need is to hold on.

Did they get over their positions and accept the reality? See for yourself. The fabulous acting, tight story line, beautiful Kochi skyline and a excellent subject are the add ons.Go for it.

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