Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Phone Call in time would have Saved a Life

About two weeks ago one of my friend had a tragic event. His young son committed suicide, while being in a collage, in his hostel. The reason as determined by Police was academic pressure.

The boy had been relegated  for poor attendance and it is said that he was yet again on the notice for relegation for poor attendance. I wondered, what could be such a pressure that made the young talented and smart boy to take such a drastic step.

Agree that the boy felt pressurized due to relegation, may be there were sibling comparisons (with another sibling of his) by relatives, may be he felt it impossible to face his parents with the news of yet another impending relegation. The reason that tripped his mind may known to the poor soul who has departed.

It is said that when one is angry he / she should not act immediately, rather count till 100 and then if the anger still persists, may be one can act / react. May be similar (not the same) act would work for restless souls thinking of such a drastic step. That is, that person should give himself / herself about 12 hours to think, rather rethink over his / her situation. Even better is to make a phone call and let out all his / her feelings, accumulated and building up like a pressure cooker whose pressure release is stuck, to parents or one of the parent to whom this person is close. In a pressure cooker when whistle gets stuck, it is the safety valve that saves the day. Statistically, the safety valve has extremely low failure rate and almost always works.

May be the phone call made at such a juncture is that safety valve that blows away pressure and saves the precious life. Even this may fail but chances of failure are extremely low as it also creates a window of diversion for the mind and  helps in rationalizing the thoughts.

If only the child had made a phone call and talked to some one about his predicament, may be a life would have got saved. 

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